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Guidelines for your Camping Comfort and Enjoyment

1. All guests and visitors must register and pay fees before entering campground.
2. All vehicles must display car pass.
3. No excessive noise. Quiet hours are between 10:30 PM and 8:30 AM.
4. Dishes, cooking utensils and laundry can NOT be washed in bathhouses.
5. State law prohibits use of firearms and fireworks. No firearms, fireworks or weapons of any sort allowed in park.
6. Speed limit is 6 MPH.
7. Alcoholic beverages are allowed; however, disorderly conduct, drunkenness and obscene language at any time are not tolerated.
8. Recreational marijuana is legal in Massachusetts; however, recreational marijuana and any other recreational drug use is prohibited in our park.
9. Do not move fire rings. And please do not leave fires unattended.
10. Our trees and shrubs are for the enjoyment of all. Whether dead or alive, do not cut or deface them in any way.
11. Outside refrigerators are not permitted on sites.
12. No clotheslines of any size are permitted on sites.

Pet Policies

1. Pets are welcome with registered campers only, as long as proof of updated rabies and distemper vaccines can be presented at the time of check-in. Pets are not welcome with guests, or with cabin rentals.
2. While in the park, pets must be leashed at all times, and cannot be left unattended.
3. You must clean up after your pet. Dispose of droppings in bags, and then place bags into garbage cans. Do not throw into bushes or onto other sites.
4. Pets are not allowed in any of the buildings on the property. This includes the Rec Hall, bathhouses, and cabins.
5. Pets are also not allowed on the Main Beach, Small Beach or playground. However, pets can go in the lake by our boat rental dock across from the Rec Hall.
6. Excessive barking will not be tolerated.

Recycling Information

We recycle all of the following items. The items listed below DO NOT get placed in the bag with your regular garbage. Instead, lay them out next to your bagged garbage by 10:00 AM.

Glass: All clean bottles and jars
Aluminum foil, tin cans
Milk and juice cartons, drink boxes
Plastic containers: Milk/water jugs, detergent bottles, pill/medicine bottles, foam food containers, caps and lids
Papers: Paperback/phone books (covers removed), newspapers, cereal/food boxes, magazines, corrugated cardboard


We collect regular household garbage and listed recyclable items only.
Please, do not leave garbage out after we have already picked up for the day. Do not leave garbage out overnight, due to the wildlife. And do not leave garbage in the bathrooms.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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